Craig Gravina is a world-class beer drinker.

Mr. Gravina is so infatuated with the sudsy stuff he took to writing about it on his blog——three years ago. In the course of his exploration of all things beery, Mr. Gravina stumbled across the brewing history of his hometown Albany, New York (technically he was born in Chicago, but nothing exciting ever happened there) and the long-lost story of Albany Ale. This discovery—and the resulting Albany Ale Project—spiraled Mr. Gravina into an obsession equalled only by comic book fan boys and the paparazzi. Along with history Mr Gravina also writes about beer culture, the state of brewing and beer making in the U.S and around the globe, and occasionally gets into arguments on the internet. That he never wins.

The only ones capable of keeping him checked into reality are his loving wife, Amy (who incidentally, dislikes beer but still has to listen to him, anyway) and his wonderful children, Zoe and Will, ages six and three respectively. (Wait, what? Okay, okay… three-and-a-half and six-and-a half)

He is a twit @drinkdrank1; encourages stalking at, and when asked, will always let you buy him a beer.

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